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Our Approach

Walking the Solar Walk

I'm Ed Kohler. The guy behind this website. Since becoming a homeowner in 2004, I've been passionate about energy efficiency. This ranges from creating a more energy efficient home to making better energy choices.

In 2013, I installed solar panels on my home. As soon as I did, questions started rolling in from neighbors. However, not everyone has an ideal property for solar panels due to shade, roof design, or other factors. And others don't have a roof of their own due to living in multi-unit housing, renting, etc.

That's where Community Solar comes in. With Community Solar, people who don't have an ideal roof (or roof at all), or can't justify the costs of buying panels, can switch to solar by subscribing to a Community Solar Farm.

Our Story

Scaling Up Beyond My Home

I got started with helping people switch to Community Solar in 2018 and am glad that I did. I've already helped hundreds of households switch away from coal to cleaner and greener energy.

It's great to work in an industry that's aligned with my values, and it's fun selling something when it's mostly a matter of helping people understand that they have better energy options available to them.

Next Steps...

Switching to Community Solar is easy. There are no up-front costs and the ongoing costs are lower than what you're paying for electricity today. Set up an appointment today.