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What is community solar?

Who is this guy?

How does community solar work?

What is the environmental impact of community solar?

Is Community Solar Real?

How much does Community Solar cost?

One big difference between putting solar on your own home and subscribing to a community solar program is who owns the panels. With community solar, the community solar company owns the panels. As a community solar subscriber, you pay for the energy generated by the panels.

Because of this, there is no up-front cost. You sign up for free, receive bills for the energy the solar panels generate and see credits for that energy on your Xcel Energy bill. At this time, the amount paid by Xcel for your energy is higher than what you’ll pay for it, which leads to some savings. Looking ahead, the savings may fluctuate based on changes to Xcel’s rates compared to the rates charged by community solar companies.

Today, you can choose to go green and save money with around 10 minutes of paperwork.

How do I get signed up?

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